32 Weeks Pregnant

32 weeks pregnant, the home stretch!  At my appointment with the midwife this week everything looked good.  The baby has grown (watching my protein paid off), my blood pressure was good, and I didn’t have any swelling.  She said to continue eating 80 grams of protein a day, drinking the chlorophyll to ensure good iron levels, and making sure I get enough calcium (1500 mg daily) for the babies bone formation.  This week  I’ve felt really overwhelmed with everything I want to get done before the baby comes, tired, and emotional.  Here are some of the challenges I”ve been addressing.

Trouble Sleeping  Usually I am an excellent sleeper, but this week my mind is busy with all I want to do and my body is getting a bit uncomfortable.  On Tuesday I bought a body pillow at Target and that was a huge help!  I’m not sure why I waited so long to get one.  I’ve also been trying to do about 20 minutes of gentle yoga and deep breathing in the evening and that is helping me to relax and calm down.

Big Sister’s Transition  We had a great week last week at Lutheridge, but my usually well behaved daughter was periodically replaced by a short tempered version of herself who would not do what I asked and brought me to tears on two occasions.  This week, I’ve been reading about getting a 4 year old ready for a new baby and it seems like her behavior is in line with what to expect, she is testing her limits.  This week has been much better as I’ve tried to be firm on our expectations of behavior at home and I”ve made an extra effort to give her some one on one attention.   She is so excited about being a big sister in September.  She loves to pat my belly and say hello to her sister, but I am sure there are fears about this change, as there are for all of us.

Help!  I’m not ready!  I have a big to do list in different areas such as:  a list of improvements for the website based on the TypeA Parent Conference last month, getting the baby’s clothes ready, organizing our closets, cleaning the house, getting a car seat and pack n play, deciding on name, need I go on….All of the sudden 8 more weeks seems like it will be here before I know it and my mindset of there is enough time to get ready is rattled.  On top of that, I want to spend as much time as possible with my husband and daughter.  I love our family of 3 and know that soon we will be adjusting to a new dynamic that will also be great, but it will be different.  I’m trying to remain mindful by journaling, practicing deep breathing, walking, prioritizing my to do lists, and letting go of less important tasks.  Easier said than done, but I am trying to favor relationships and enjoying the journey instead of freaking out over everything there is to do.

I’m off to enjoy a great weekend and I hope you are too!

Live Well,


28 Weeks: A Mindful Motherhood Meditation

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The Making of A Mindful Maternity

28 Weeks and Striving for A Mindful Maternity

Wow!  I can’t believe I’m 28 weeks, only 12 more to go!  This week has been out of the ordinary as the rest of my family is on a trip, so the house has been very quiet!  I’ve been taking advantage of the quiet time by trying to get some things done.  I did my baby registry at Target, shopped for new furniture for the girls rooms, researched car seats (still not sure Britax or Graco), cleaned the house, did some de cluttering of toys, and later today my most dreaded task-cleaning out a closet.  Of course I’ve done fun things, like going to the pool, watching Glee, checking out Rockin’ The Bump posts, reading, attending a pre-natal yoga class at West Asheville Yoga, and eating dinner with a close friend.  It has been fun, but I’m ready for them to return!

This morning, in the quiet house, I started the day with a Mindful Motherhood Guided Meditation.  When I first saw it was 25 minutes I thought, that is tooo long,  no way I can sit still for 25 minutes (as you can see from above I am in a get stuff done, busy mind mode).  Then I thought, what is the rush?  I have time and perhaps it would help me chill out a bit!  This meditation focuses on being aware of the breath and  cultivating mindfulness, accepting things as they are without judgment.  During the meditation she mentions “doers” (that is totally me, it is rare to find me NOT doing something or without a detailed to-do list) and how it can be difficult for a doer to allow things to happen.  She said that noticing the breath is a practice of allowing something to happen in the body and not controlling it with the mind.  This resonated with me as I prepare for my labor.  I will need to allow my labor to progress in my body without trying to control it in my mind.  Releasing control is something I will need to continue to practice over the next 12 weeks to allow my labor to unfold naturally (and probably for years to come as my children get older).  Despite my initial reaction, the 25 minutes passed quickly and was well spent.  I will do this guided meditation again as I am sure on different days different messages from it will speak to me.

For the rest of my week I’ll be striving to allow things to happen and enjoying being 28 weeks pregnant!

Live Well,