36 Weeks Pregnant

36 Weeks at Clingman's Dome near Gatlinburg, TNBaby Bumps and Blessings

The Making of a Mindful Maternity

Hello last month!  I greet you with excitement and a bit of nervousness about all the changes that are about to take place.

I’ve been enjoying two weeks off from work.  Last weekend we rented a cabin in Cosby, TN (near Gatlinburg) and had a great family weekend.  Hubby made all the meals (with delicious seafood from Blue Water Seafood in Hendersonville, NC), we visited Clingman’s Dome, and we played in the creek.

This week I’ve done some work around the house:  sorted baby clothes, cleaned the house, updated photos and….(I’d say that nesting is in full effect!)

To get ready for labor I started re reading Birthing from Within and decided to try the drawings about pregnancy and labor (I know I said it wasn’t for me, but for some reason when I was re reading I decided to try it out, so I got some pastels and let my inner artist emerge).  So far I’ve drawn:

How I See Myself as a Pregnant Woman

What is being pregnant like for me?

Fantasy of Labor and Birth

Beyond the obvious, my stick figures aren’t exceptional, I’ve enjoyed doing them and reflecting on my pregnancy journey and thinking about labor and delivery.  After I draw them I journal about them to process what I draw.  I’ve also been doing yoga daily (especially yoga squats) and relaxation exercises.

This weekend we have friends coming to town so we’re looking forward to having a great time catching up with them and spending time together.

Live Well,