How do Moms find Motivation and Inspiration for Fall Workouts?

Motivation and Inspiration in Nature

Motivation and Inspiration in Nature

For a busy Mom finding time to exercise is always a challenge, but for me finding motivation and inspiration in the fall can be extra challenging. Why? In the fall the weather is cooler, the sun sets earlier, and the holidays are approaching. All these factors result in my body wanting to hibernate rather than perspirate.

Finding Motivation
Plan workouts with friends.
Exercise outdoors in a beautiful setting.
Involve your family in your workout.

Seeking Inspiration
Set a new goal. I just started training for a 5k in December.
Read a story about someone who has accomplished something great and dream about what you’d like to do.
Post inspirational quotes around your house.
Consider how much better you’ll feel after the workout.

Remind yourself that exercising is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

I also remind myself that I need to listen to my body’s signals and get a little more rest this time of year since it is so busy, so I’m trying to go to bed a little earlier. Getting more sleep helps me be more patient and have enough energy to workout.

How do you find motivation and inspiration when the days get darker?

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