25 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Bumps and Blessings

The Making of a Mindful Maternity

Here I am, 25 weeks pregnant, right now it seems like it is going by fast and there is still much to decide, like what will the baby’s name be?  Baby #2 probably isn’t going to work!  As well as, the need to clean out the house and make some room in for another person.  But I’m working on both of those a little each week, so as I like to say small changes equals big results, so I’m sure we’ll be ready!

At 25 weeks the baby is about 13.5 inches and 1.5 pounds.  This week I went to the doctor and did the glucose screening test and listened to the baby’s heart beat.  My blood pressure was pretty low which I was thinking maybe relates to my relaxation exercises.  I’ve been taking 10-20 minutes every day to do either deep breathing or a progressive relaxation exercise.  I also focus on positive thoughts like this healthy baby comes out easily and quickly.   These short practices have made me feel much more calm and relaxed.   I’ve walked daily, done yoga 3 times, and even played a little badminton (though I have to be careful of jumping around too much).  I”ve also started drinking chlorophyll to help increase my red blood cells to prepare for birth, it is green, but it just tastes like water.

I’m still reading my birthing books and craving quiet time.  It has been a good week and my parents are in town so I’m looking forward to a nice family weekend.


Live Well,