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Are you a busy Mom who seeks balance and is looking for tips on diet, exercise and wellness?

Mindful Makeover for Moms is here to support and empower Moms on their wellness journey by offering tips for real women that can be incorporated into your busy lifestyle.

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Wellness Author Show Interview

What other Moms say about Mindful Makeover for Moms:

“This book not only provides a guide on how to get back in shape after childbirth but also offers new mothers an inspirational road map for how to develop a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle so that they can lead their families to optimal health and wellness.

A terrific book, I can’t recommend Mindful Makeover for Moms highly enough.   Helene Byrne, BeFit-Mom

Mindful Makeover for Moms is like having a life coach and personal trainer rolled into one.
Leslie Williamson Humes, Pediatric Speech Pathologist

This book contains many thoughtful reminders that we also deserve some pampering and stress-free time.
Carole Anderson, Teacher

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